1. Mission
    LDF strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of the life of Langi especially youth and students through a process that unites all Langi wherever they may be residing.
  2. Aims and Objectives
    Promote unity among people hailing from the Lango sub-region; Contribute towards developments in the Lango sub region; Make contributions towards the welfare of members in times of need; Create a fund to sustain the various activities the Forum shall participate in; Do anything incidental to those mentioned earlier or any that is connected and consistent with those other objectives.
  3. Funding
    The Forum derives its funds from the following sources: • Membership and members annual subscription fees; • Donations and grants; • Fundraising; • Any other lawful means that do not contravene the constitution of the Forum.
Overview of LDF
"Note En Teko"
Formed in February 2003, Lango Development Forum (LDF) is a not for profit and non–partisan organization affiliated to the Lango Community Association Kampala Areas. It nevertheless runs its affairs independently of but in tandem with the Lango community Association. 

Membership of LDF is open to:
All Langi and wellwisher of ages 18 and above
Any person above the age of 18 married to a Lango
Any other person who subscribes to the aims and objectives of the Forum.

There are different categories of memberships, namely:
Founder membership
Ordinary membersship
Honorary membership

Associate membership

 The educational standard in northern Uganda as a whole has been on the downward trend for over a decade. In the last five years it has seen a nose dive in alarming proportions. The Lango Sub-region has borne the brunt of this, as evident from the poor exams results of schools that otherwise used to have stellar performance not too long ago. Unless something drastic is done, whole generations of Langi will have a very bleak future, given that education is the greatest key to success.

Many factors such as poverty, HIV/AIDS and attendant problems, and lately the LRA insurgency have been contributory. But a major factor that may not be easily recognizable is the fact that guidance and counseling is lacking in schools. Where there is any semblance of it, students take them for granted, having lost hope.

It is upon this background that saw an urgent need to motivate, encourage, guide and counsel the students in ways they have not known before. They need to know that there is hope even in a seemingly hopeless situation they find themselves, and that no condition is permanent.   
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The LDF has shown a very good
example of what cooperation amongst the Langi can do; they have also demonstrated what
cooperation with well-wishers can do. We must therefore applaud them and give them all the
support each one of us can muster so that the benefit of their efforts can replicate in many
years to come through the seeds they are sowing now.
Dr Charles Wana-Etyem of Warner Consultants Ltd
Currently, Chairman of the Makerere University Council